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Hualien - Hualien - Wow ! Taroko

The east side of Taiwan is where Mother Nature has created one of her finest works of art, and a trip to Taiwan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the magnificent Taroko Gorge. It might sound...

  • Hualien
  • 1 day / 9 hrs
  • Private Mandarin/English-speaking guide/driver
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The magnificent area around Qingshui Cliff has been designated as one of the Eight Wonders of Ta...
Qingshui Cliff
Swallow Grotto (燕子口) is an obvious stopover for visitors to appreciate the marvel of Taroko Gorg...
Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou)
As one of the eight wonders of Hualien, the graceful Cimu Bridge is the only bridge in Taiwan th...
Cimu Bridge
The Baiyang Trail (白楊步道) features valleys, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, tunnels, and a huge range...
Baiyang Trail
The Eternal Spring Shrine (長春祠) was built in 1958 to commemorate the 212 workers who died during ...
Eternal Spring Shrine (Changchun Shrine)
Located at the north end of Hualien City, Qixingtan Beach (七星潭) is one of the most beautiful bea...
Tianxiang (天祥), a large river terrace located on the eastern section of the Central Cross-Island...
Tianxiang Scenic Area
Every visitor to Taroko Gorge will make sure to take a photo with the landmark Taroko Archway. A...
Taroko Archway
The Shakadang Trail (砂卡噹步道), also known as “Mysterious Valley Trail” is famous for its crystal-c...
Shakadang Trail
Lushui Trail (綠水步道) is a well maintained and easy to hike trail that is suitable for all ages. It...
Lushui Trail
Finding flat land in Taroko Gorge seems like an impossibility. That is why Buluowan (布洛灣) is a w...
Ziqiang Night Market, which has long been a must-see for tourists going to Hualien, closed on the...
East Gate Night Market
Established in 1942, Pine Garden that served as a command center during the Japanese Colonial Er...
Pine Garden
The local brand Taiwan Beer has a long history of almost a century. Having an ever rich foam hea...
Hualien Brewery
Converted from the old Hualien Winery complex of just over three hectares, A-Zone is now a creat...
A Zone
  • Keeping it to 3~6 spots per day is the best way to enjoy your Taiwan tour.
  • The pick-up schedule will be provided 12 hours before the tour and the itinerary will be optimized to save your travel time.


106 reviews
20 Apr 2017
Everything was perfect and the planning was adequate, however we did think the itinerary was a little too packed as there was quite a large portion of time spent travelling. Wade was very informative and gave good advice along the journey. He was definitely the 'man-on-the-ground' type, and was able to foresee and adapt to various changes. I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the entire team, especially Judy and Wade for making our first ever trip to Taiwan a memorable one. We hope to be back again.
04 May 2017
22 Mar 2017
Very nice travel experience ,the driver is supreme and courteous the trip was nicely planned.The hotel was clean and comfortable. If the price can be lower that will be a perfect trip.Hope to call on you in the near future.Thanks for the trip,L like it!
05 Apr 2017
23 Jan 2017
Steven was very friendly and accommodating; and he is a great photographer too! he makes sure we get to explore as many places as we could despite the lack of time due to traffic. me and my friends are extremely satisfied with his professionalism. Overall i am very satisfied with RoundTaiwanRound. because everything was very well coordinated. prior to the trip, the back and forth emailing with Judy was extremely easy and pleasant. Hotels that were booked were up to expectations too. Keep up the good work guys! will definitely recommend to my friends who are visiting Taiwan. And i hope to see you guys soon :)
06 Feb 2017
10 Jan 2017
Roy was a great tour guide but he can be a little pushy in regards to forcing us to answer his questions and take excessive pictures when we didn't want to. Also there was some confusion toward the end of the trip. We wanted to end our tour early and we really appreciated his flexibility and his working with the driver to make this change happen. However, he decided to take us to an unplanned destination in lieu of the Lushui trail, which I had specifically requested when planning the tour. Luckily everything worked in the end and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!
24 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017
Harrison was a great driver and person. He was very accommodating and my parents had a great time having conversations with him.
21 Jan 2017

about Hualien - Wow ! Taroko

The east side of Taiwan is where Mother Nature has created one of her finest works of art, and a trip to Taiwan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the magnificent Taroko Gorge. It might sound harsh but it’s the fact. If you are keen to enjoy the generosity of Mother Nature, our Taroko tour will be a delight.

The magnificent area around Qingshui Cliff has been known as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean, and Swallow Grotto allows visitors to connect with the marvel of Taroko Gorge. Due to long-term erosion of Taroko by the Liwu River into an extremely narrow and deep valley, the marble cliff faces were scoured into hundreds of potholes, which have become a natural nesting location for swallows. Hence the name Swallow Grotto.

After lunch, we will continue our journey to Cimu Bridge to appreciate the most magnificent views of the Gorge's marble walled cliffs. Baiyang Trail featuring valleys, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, tunnels, and a huge range of flora and fauna along the way will give you a tingling sense of venturing into the wild. Natural spring water empties into the Liwu River below through the front of Eternal Spring Shrine, seemingly tumbling down from heaven and giving it a surreal look, making it one of the most famous scenic spots in Taroko National Park.

At the end of the day, you will find yourself sitting on the beach of Qixingtan staring out into the Pacific Ocean, listening to the waves splashing against the rocks, and enjoying the soothing and stress-relieving moment. It is when fishermen start to sort their catch and amateur anglers put away their fishing poles as the night falls that you realize that it’s also time for you to put a good end to a great day out in the nature.

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Hotels in Hualien City / Hualien Train Station rear exit / Xincheng Train Station / Hualien Airport / Port of Hualien
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Hotels in Hualien City / Hualien Train Station / Xincheng Train Station / Hualien Airport / Port of Hualien
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Severe weather conditions or cancellation made by customer more than 72 hours before departure will qualify for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.
  • This tour is 9 hours a day. Generally we start from 9am and end at 6pm. We can shift your schedule between 8am to 8pm based on your preference.
  • About lunch, you may let our driver/guide to show you what locals have or you can tell us the place you want to dine before the tour.
  • The itinerary in Taroko National Park is subject to adjust due to the unforeseen weather condition, which may cause potential risk of falling rocks and road regulation. For your safety, roundTAIWANround has the right to change the itinerary if necessary. For example, if Baiyang Trail is officially closed or partially open to public, our driver/guide will inform you and may replace it by another nearby trail like Sakadang Trail or Lushui Trail.
  • For more info regarding to real-time condition of each trail in Taroko National Park, please refer to
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