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  • Miaoli
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Chateau in the Air

  • 50 mins
  • Sight Food

Situated in the hidden forested hills of Miaoli, Chateau-in-the-Air is truly a castle worth visiting. The owner spent much effort recreating the atmosphere of a castle lifestyle with various flora,...


Remains of Longteng Bridge

  • 20 mins
  • Sight

Located in the Sanyi Township of Miaoli, Yutengping Bridge (魚藤坪斷橋), currently known as the Remains of Longteng Bridge, was built from brick blocks mixed with glutinous rice and lime in 1907, makin...


Shengxing Station

  • 30 mins
  • Sight Food Activity

Built in 1916, Shengxing Station is a great place to examine the history of Japanese occupation in Taiwan. This station was once the highest train station in Taiwan at an altitude of over 402 mete...


Flying Cow Ranch

  • 60 mins
  • Sight Activity Sleep

Located in the Tongxiao Township of Miaoli, Flying Cow Ranch is the best destination for parents to spend some quality time with their little ones. Covering a vast area, the ranch grazes cattle, h...


Dahu Strawberry Picking

  • 30 mins
  • Activity

Dahu is famous for fields after fields of strawberry farms. With suitable water expelling soil and the climate of cool breeze and abundant sunshine all year round, Dahu lives the name of 'Strawberr...

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about Miaoli - Strawberry Season

A trip to Miaoli is like stepping through a portal into a land of beautiful forgotten memories. Fond memories to be sure, as visitors will immediately feel the welcoming allure of Miaoli’s relaxed prairie town ambiance.

Your trip through Miaoli County is the perfect remedy to a hurried lifestyle. After a pleasant drive through the countryside, go for a stroll through one of Taiwan’s oldest rail towns at the picturesque Shengxing Station and remains of the Longteng Bridge. For a surreal experience, a fun adventure awaits inside the abandoned 700+ meter long rail tunnel.

Home to a large Hakka population, Miaoli offers many delicious treats this culture is famous for, while juicy fruit at U-pick strawberry farms and the adorable animals and DIY activities at Flying Cow Ranch offer family friendly excursions. Rounding out your day with a bit of “natural” art, a visit to the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum provides a peek into the past of this once vibrant woodworking region.

  • Pick up Locations

    HSR Taichung Station (Exit 7 on ground floor) / Taichung Train Station rear exit / Hotels in Taichung City Downtown / HSR Miaoli Station (Exit 2) / Flying Cow Ranch

  • Drop off Locations

    HSR Taichung Station / Taichung Train Station / Hotels in Taichung City Downtown / HSR Miaoli Station / Flying Cow Ranch

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    Optional : If you wish to extend your tour, every extra hour over the agreed schedule of a private tour is charged TWD500 (US$17) for a sedan-based or van-based tour, or TWD1000 (US$34) for a bus-based tour. There will be no overtime extra charge for a shared tour.

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    Severe weather conditions or cancellation made by customer more than 72 hours before departure will qualify for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.

  • Notice

      The strawberry season is between Dec to Apr. The chance to do strawberry picking will depend on the weather condition. If there is no strawberry for picking, a visit to Dahu Wineland Resort could be an option.
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