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    Xiluo Township, Yunlin County 648, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

This red bridge crossing Zhoushui River (濁水溪) to connect Changhua and Yunlin had been started to construct since Japanese Colonial Era. The schedule was delayed for a long time as purposed building materials were used up for military use during WWII. Eventually, it was completed in 1953 with assistance from America. At the time of completion, it was the second largest bridge in the world, just next to Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Apart from road for vehicles, its deck of nearly two kilometers was also shared by railway for sugar transportation. The image of this bridge could be seen on TWD10 bill released in the year of 1963, revealing its importance and symbolic meaning over transportation development of Taiwan. As time goes by, this bridge has become less crucial in this area, and was once proposed to be demolished for aging. Luckily the motion was rejected under local residents’ petition. Nowadays, this historic bridge has become an appointed stop of annual regional parade of Dajia Mazu (大甲媽祖). In March and April of every year, more than three hundred thousands worshipers would follow Mazu to cross the bridge by foot.