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  • Kaohsiung

No spectacular mountain or fantastic sea can be seen in Yunlin. Nor is much interference from tourists. Yet, 50 years ago, in the area beside Xiluo Bridge—which used to be the second longest in the world—grew Taiwan's former prosperity. Walking on Yanping Old Street, visitors can see charming houses used to belong to rich families. A side door opens in the abandoned Xiluo Theater, allowing visitors to walk into a cinema doubled as an opera house in early years. Outside Wanzhuang Soy Sauce Factory stand ceramic urns ready to be used in soy sauce brewing, while Glove Puppet Museum in Huwei is loaded with the older generation's memories of their youth. Deep in the mountains, the 10000 Year Gorge looks like a miniature of the Grand Canyon. Moore Garden in Douliu even creates a copy of the Alhambra in Spain in the small rustic town.