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    Gangqian Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Wushi Harbor is a surfer paradise tucked away on the east coast of Taiwan, where surfing and sand surfing are both on the menu here, as is general beach activities. Rental shops are abundant, where you can get your surfboard and lessons as well; some ever offer pick-up and drop-off at Toucheng Train Station in Yilan. Usually, the beach grows crowded as the day wears on, especially on weekends, so we suggest you to stay at a nearby hostel the night before to catch some early-morning waves.

The harbor is the main port that connects the main island with Guishan Island (A.K.A. Turtle Island), and the area is also popular for whale-watching tours that start right from Wushi Harbor. Forget about the captive dolphin shows at ocean theme parks. Why not taking a ride on the boat and sailing on the Pacific Ocean? Let the wild and happy dolphins surprise you from every possible direction. Common bottlenose dolphin, spinner dolphins, pygmy killer whales and sperm whales can usually be spotted. This is a chance for you to get close to nature, as you've never seen it before.

On the cultural side, there is for sure a unique event you can’t miss here — Grappling with the Ghosts, a annual pole-climbing competition that takes place in the seventh lunar month at Wushi Harbor. Participants have to climb to a height of 12 meters above the ground on poles covered in oil to celebrate the end to the trepidatious holiday when the dead are said to be walking the earth — winning this contest is no simple feat though. The tourist center is standing right across from Lanyang Museum, and both architectures are unique and inspired by local landscape, making it a photographic hotspot. If you are craving for some fresh seafood, the fish market is a stone’s away and will stuff your tummy nice and full with the freshest catches and all kinds of dried seafood products. Whether you are an outdoor person, cultural type or big foodie, Wushi Harbor has it all.


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