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    No.3-1, Wuling Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Officially, Wuling Farm is located in Taichung; however, if you dare to drive from the city of Taichung, it will take you more than five hours through mountains to reach the farm. A better way out? Kick off your journey from Yilan, and in two hours’ time, you will find yourself standing at the altitude of more than 2000 meters. A visit to the higher elevations can be a pleasant getaway from the subtropical climate down below. Here at Wuling Farm, no matter the season, you can expect a pleasant temperature never exceeding 20⁰C. For many tourists who come to Taiwan, experiencing the country’s beautiful flowers is high on the to-do list. Every spring, this farm is alive with cherry blossoms, while it is abundant with the stunning cosmos flowers in September and drenched in maple flowers in November, when loads of people flock here to appreciate the beauty of nature. When the weather is fair, you might even get to see the orographic clouds tumbling down the top of the mountain like a waterfall as the cotton-like thick haze completely blankets the mountain — this spectacular scene is believed to be the one thing that you must witness once in your life. As the view is grand in spring, large crowds often flock to the farm when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. To ensure the quality of your visit, an entry cap on tourists entering the farm and the surrounding traffic control might be implemented. In that case, taking some specific public transportation will be the only way to reach the farm in peak season. You may visit their official website to find out more details.

As a part of the Shei-Pa National Park, Wuling Farm offers guests a wide variety of accommodation options from campsites (which need to be reserved in advance) to chalets and hotels. If you decide to stay in a hotel, just so you know you will be experiencing the performances by a live symphony orchestra as well as going on a guided tour under the stars. The national park supports a rich and diverse living community from Formosan landlocked salmon to insects and amphibians. What’s worth noting is the Taoshan Waterfall that all overnight visitors come and take in some negative ions to refresh their bodies and souls in the morning. The waterfall is 4.3 kilometers away from the entrance, and the round trip will take about three hours or so.

For every die-hard hiker out there, Wuling Farm will be a perfect base for exploring its surroundings. Within the Shei-Pa National Park, there are loads of hiking routes that can take a few days to cover, including Snow Mountain (the second highest peak in Taiwan) and four other well-known peaks that make the list of the 100 Mountains of Taiwan (all over 3,000 meters above sea level), and all these entrances happen to be located within Wuling Farm. It is highly recommended to stay a night at the farm before you embark on your hiking adventure of a lifetime!


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