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Snow Mountain (Xueshan) is the second highest mountain peak in Taiwan at 3886m above sea level. As a famous site in Xueba National Park and relatively hiker-friendly, it has attracted thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Even though Snow Mountain peak is located on the boundary of Miaoli and Taichung, it is actually easier to reach from Yilan. The trailhead of the Snow Mountain Hiking trail is in Wuling Farm, Yilan. Generally it takes 2 days and 2 nights to complete a hiking round trip. On this trip, you will pass a massive field of fir black forest and the shape of a glacier cirque, giving you the opportunity to witness the largest glacial traces in Taiwan. You will also have the chance to meet two of Taiwan’s Hundred Peaks, Snow Mountain East Peak (3201m) and Snow Mountain Main Peak (3886m). From the summit of Xueshan’s peak, extending to the north and reaching the far-away Dabajianshan; Dabajian Mountain, this strech of mountain ranges is the famous Holy Ridge (聖稜線). Only those brave enough to reach the peak of Xueshan have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this area.


  • Hiking on Snow Mountain is popular throughout the whole year. However, permits are required due to the limited cabin capacity. Therefore, we highly recommend hiking on weekdays to ensure you can obtain a national park permit. We will need your help filling out a form for the permit application associated with the 2D2N Snow Mountain Hiking Tour.
  • It is snow season from December to March every year. To hike during snow season is strictly regulated in Xueba National Park. First, the group leader requires a certificate for hiking training in snowy conditions, which needs to be showed when applying for permits. Second, each hiker should have crampons and a hiking pole. Otherwise you will be not allowed to enter the trail at the checkpoint next to the trailhead.
  • The service fee of the 2D2N Snow Mountain Hiking Tour starts from TWD12000 per person (private tour of at least 4 people) and depends on how many participants are in your group.
  • The quote includes transportation (pick up and drop off in Taipei), a professional hiking guide (proportional to the group size), insurance (accident insurance of NT$2 million and medical insurance of TWD100,000), accommodation at Qika Cabin and 369 Cabin, a permit application for the national park and the police, meals (Day 1: Lunch & Dinner / Day 2: breakfast & dinner / Day 3: breakfast & lunch) and tickets for Wuling Farm. The quote doesn’t include certain meals (Day 2: lunch and Day 3: dinner) and any additional charges relating to accidents or medical treatment caused by high altitude sickness or personal disease. Lunch on day 2 & day 3 must be prepared yourself. We will you to Yilan to buy it on day 1.
  • Hiking certificates issued by Xueba National Park can be applied for at Wuling Farm (TWD300 each).
  • If you would like to lower the load of your backpack, you can hire an additional porter (TWD11000 for up to 25kg).
  • We suggest people with heart disease (heart disorder or heart attack etc.), chronic disease or who are pregnant do not take this tour. Day 1 involves a 1-2 hour hike. Day 2 is usually around 10 hours and on the last day we hike for around 5 hours. A good level of fitness is required. Hikers are expected to carry around 15kg to the 369 Cabin.

Snow Mountain - 2D2N Hiking Tour

60hrs / 2.5day
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