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    No.500, Xinliao Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As a vast green oasis in Yilan, Renshan Botanical Garden has been a popular destination for hikers, where there are several hiking trails allowing the exploration of the garden itself. It’s also said to be the most accessible botanical garden in Yilan, which has several themed gardens, including Chinese, Japanese, English and French. In winter and spring, you will be welcomed by an array of cherry blossoms and tung blossoms, and many photography enthusiasts come here to capture the beauty of these dazzling blooms. The lookout point hidden deep inside the garden and overlooking the lush Lanyang Plain with Guishan Island in the distance provides the best view of the area, which is bathed in golden hour hues at sunrise while dominated by the skyline twinkling with light at sunset.

The abundance of butterfly and insect species in Renshan Botanical Garden makes it a place for leisure, biodiversity, education and most of all enjoyment. Above all, the admission to the garden is free (parking fees applied) to encourage participation.


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