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Yilan has an abundant natural landscape. In holidays, Five-peak Flag Waterfall is always crowded with tourists; Taipingshan is remote from urban area, but it is still hard to seek a room there during high season. Lots of Taipei-ers drive to hot spring at Jiaoxi and spend their weekends there. If you are searching for a place to escape from hustle and bustle of crowd and daily burden, Linmei Shipan Trail might suits your need. This place is rarely known by non-residents, but it could provide you a chance to get close to dear nature in 1.5 hours hiking. Although the trail would not cover any stunning and fascinating geological landscape, instead hikers could project themselves into the song of chirping birds and babbling brook. The wooden walkway in absent of lamppost and throng leads coming hikers away from modernized civilization and to the embrace of mother nature - trees grown in the wood, waterfalls pounding on the river, rocks resting along the stream. While walking on this trail, the stress living in a concrete jungle seems to be released as well.


Yilan - Colorful Backyard

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