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Located in the Toucheng Township of Yilan, Eagle Rock Summit is a huge rock sticking out from the cliff and bearing a striking resemblance to the beak of an eagle, where visitors are granted an amazing view of Daxi Fishing Port as well as the distant Guishan Island — it is every photography enthusiast’s delight.

When you reach Mingshan Temple, the entrance to the summit is just a stone’s throw away from there. However, due to the narrow width of the road, cars must be parked somewhere around the temple and can’t go any further. The trail is rather short, and the hike only take you 20 to 30 minutes. It is not particularly difficult, except that the trail is not very well kept — it is comprised of dirt and gravel and can be rough on your shoes. The trail is fantastic with lush green forests, mountains and spectacular views. When you finally get to the cliff edge, the great ocean spreads out before you in a vast, boundless expanse reaching to the horizon while waves crash against the rocks along the rugged coast. When the sky is clear, Guishan Island can be spotted in the distance — even shrouded in a mist of magic, it will still dazzle your eyes. As excited as you may be, please do watch your step as there is no safety railing on the edge of the cliff.


  • This spot has been closed due to risk of landslide.

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