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    No. 69 Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Most people are surprised when they hear just how close Taipei City is to a dormant volcano. By public transport, it takes only an hour to reach the simmering mountain of fire (in Mandarin, the literal translation of volcano is “fire mountain”!). Xiaoyoukeng, located in Yangmingshan National Park, is probably one of the best places to feel the pulsation of the volcano under your feet. It is a scenic area full of volcanic geological features and is situated about 805 meters high. Fumaroles have been formed here as a result of the effects of volcanism, and sulfur crystal and collapsed terrain are characteristic of the area. To the delight of many visitors, it is even possible to see streams of fumes coming from fumaroles in the distance. The smell of sulfur here is very intense and the geothermal heat can be easily felt as you draw closer to the fumaroles. You will even see bubbling puddles by the side of footpath, which contain a very high temperature and cannot be touched with your hands. Walking uphill along the footpath, you will find yourself met with a view overlooking the entire Xiaoyoukeng. In addition, you can also see the volcanic cones of Qixingshan (七星山) and Bamboo Mountain (竹子山) at the platform nearby. Next time you visit Yangmingshan National Park, don’t forget to experience the charm and suspense of Taipei’s very own dormant volcano.


  • Guided tours can be booked in the visitor center.
  • The ground surrounding the sulfur vents and hot springs is soft; please stay within the fenced area in order to prevent burns and accidents.
  • The weather changes quickly in this area. If you plan on going hiking, please be sure you are properly prepared and bring warm clothing and rain gear.
  • The digging of minerals and rocks, picking of flowers and/or plants (including herbs and awn flowers), capture of wild animals and/or insects, feeding of fish and/or animals is prohibited. Carrying any of the park's natural resources out of the park is also prohibited.
  • TWD30 for parking fee is required.

Yangmingshan - Warm Earth

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