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Together with Wulai and Yangmingshan, Beitou is one of the three premier hot spring resorts in Northern Taiwan, and Geothermal Valley is one of the major sources of the hot spring water in the area. It is a geothermal pool of steaming sulphur water all year round, hence the nickname “Ghost Lake” or “Hell Valley.” Besides, the water temperature here is between 80℃ and 100℃, higher than that of any other hot springs in the Datunshan volcano group. As Geothermal Valley is a hydrochloric acid spring with a pH of 1.6 and an extremely high temperature, don’t even try to have a soak in there unless you want to be cooked alive. If you insist, we suggest you bathe in the soothing warm water at the nearby Beitou Hot Spring Park, feeling the tension, toxins, aches and pains being released from your body.

The Geothermal Valley is also home to “Beitou Rocks (北投石)” (Hokutolite or Anglesobarite), a kind of rare stones that are mildly radioactive and can only be found in two locations in the whole wide world: Beitou in Taiwan, and Tamagawa (玉川) in Japan. Out of thousands of minerals existing in the world, Beitou Rocks are the only one named after a place in Taiwan. While exploring the steaming hot Hell Valley, try to have a look at these radioactive gems in Beitou Stream where crystals grow on the rocks, but never take them home with you.


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