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The landform of Taipei is basically in shape of a basin. Its urban area is surrounded by mountains, so there are a bunch of high spots ideal for admiring nightscape – some of them are closer to the city and allow people to see an up-and-down outline of it, while some of them are higher, granting people a broader vision to overlook the rivers and highway network. Amongst these locations, Datunshan in Yangmingshan National Park is the most popular. When autumn comes, imperata would grow all over the mountain, covering it like a layer of gold sand under the light of setting sun. From the peak, an observation angle of more than 180° gives visiting tourists a whole picture of Taipei City. Moreover, tourists might also catch the chance to see sea of cloud in afternoon and colored-glaze illumination (琉璃光) if they are lucky. The observation deck has plenty of space available for visitors. Straight road allows enthusiast photographers freely set up their tripod to shoot the night. For hikers, they can move downwards along the trail. In short, if you are looking for great place for a night, which could be easily accessed by driving and fine with large group of friends, this is our recommendation.


Yangmingshan - Warm Earth

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