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The idea of hot springs was first introduced into Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Era, and later Beitou established itself as one of the colony's four main hot spring resorts, together with Yangmingshan (陽明山) in Taipei, Guanziling (關子嶺) in Tainan, and Sichongxi (四重溪) in Pintung. Before the Japanese arrived, Beitou was where the plains aborigines Ketagalan (凱達格蘭族) resided, and the name Beitou was derived from the settlement of this aboriginal tribe Beitou (北投社).

Today, the major hot springs in Beitou include Geothermal Valley (地熱谷, also known as “Hell Valley”), Sulfur Valley (硫磺谷), Shuangchong Creek (雙重溪), and Dragon and Phoenix Valley (龍鳳谷). They are all sulfur springs, which provide innumerable benefits to the skin and help build your body's immune system. If you are looking for the most famous and probably cheapest hot spring in the area to wash away all your fatigue, Long Nice Hot Spring (瀧乃湯) is the one. The long history of this old-fashioned hot spring dates all the way back to 1907. As the oldest hot spring in Beitou, Long Nice Hot Spring is the very first one developed during the Japanese Colonial Era. The entry fee is quite cheap, so don’t expect a luxurious experience. If you are aiming at something fancy, both Radium Kagaya International Hotel (日勝生加賀屋) and Grand View Resort Beitou (麗禧溫泉酒店) will do.

If you are interested in the history and development of this hot spring little town, make your way to Beitou Hot Spring Museum. This quaint Japanese architecture was converted from an old communal bath house frequented by locals during the Japanese Colonial Era. It was the largest public bath house in Northeast Asia of its time and still continues to impress in the 21st century.


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