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Located in the outskirts of Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park has a lot to see. Thanks to affluent sulfur buried under the mountains, the spring water flowing toward the city leads to the prosperity of hot springs in Beitou. Steams erupt at Xiaoyoukeng and Sulfur Valley, while white smoke and volcanos higher than dozens of meters make a grand view. At Erzihping, you can carry fruits and picnic blankets, walk through the first barrier-free trail in the mountain, sit around the lake, and experience joy and love with your family. Moreover, the vast grassland on Qingtiangang not only serves as a suitable place for children to run but also provides a close encounter with the cattle. Blooming cherry in spring and calla lily harvest in summer also attract a multitude of people coming to the mountains, whereas Datunshan at night stands as the best place to appreciate the beauty of Taipei.

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