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    Meiren Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Vase Rock is one of the most famous attractions of Xiaoliuqiu. When they think of Xiaoliuqiu, many Taiwanese people immediately think of Vase Rock. Vase Rock is located near the northeast coast’s Baishawei Wharf, which is the main port of Xiaoliuqiu. As the name hints, the coral reef has been shaped to resemble a vase as a result of tectonic uplift. Over time, the foundation of Vase Rock has been consistently eroded by sea waves, making it gradually narrower. This, coupled, with the vines on top of the rock, make it look even more like a vase. The uniqueness of its shape makes it a destination for many who love photography. No matter whether silhouetted by the sea, or captured with yellow skies and black clouds as a background instead, your photo is guaranteed to be as beautiful as a painting. You can choose a morning with a clear sky and take a photo of Vase Rock and the sunrise together - never a bad idea. Some people prefer to wait until late at night to take photos of Vase Rock under the Milky Way in a light painting. This is definitely a good place for photographers to play with their own ingenuity and creativity. If you like photography, you can’t miss it!


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