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The magnificent area around Qingshui Cliff has been designated as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan. Qingshui Cliff is the only place in Taroko National Park where you can witness the three distinct color tones that make up the Pacific Ocean. Indeed, the color of the cliffs, together with those of the Pacific coastline and blue sky impress all who visit here. Chongde Beach (崇德礫灘) and its pebble coast complements the natural mosaic of colors that paint Qingshui Cliff above.

We recommend parking on the north side of Chongde Tunnel, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the ocean and cliffs from an observation deck. Following the Chongde Trail for about ten minutes down to the beach, you will see the Suhua Highway seem to disappear into the cliff. The ingenuity of the design will leave you puzzling just how this road section was built.

While most visitors to Taiwan head for Taroko Gorge without stopping by at Qingshui Cliff, a visit to Hualien would not be the same without including this beautiful place.

Swimming is prohibited at Chongde Beach. Beware of falling rocks and strong waves while walking on the beach. You need to check the Daily Trail Conditions and Daily Road Conditions on the Taroko National Park website before visiting Taroko. You can refer to “Chongde Trail”. Also, it is not recommended to ride bikes or scooters here as there are many dangerous trucks that travel between Taipei and Hualien on the Suhua Highway.

Join us on our Taroko tour for a holistic sense of Hualien without the hassle of dealing with complicated and infrequent public transport. Also get in touch if you are interested in arranging to see Qingshui Cliff from canoes in the Pacific Ocean- highly recommended!

Hualien - Wow ! Taroko

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