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    Sioulin Township, Hualien County, 972 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Lushui Trail (綠水步道) is a well maintained and easy to hike trail that is suitable for all ages. It takes around one hour to finish the 2km trail. This scenic path features forests, cliffs, a variety of plant species, and traces of the Japanese occupation period. At the beginning of the trail is located the Lushui Geological Exhibition Center, where you can learn about the natural forces which created Taroko Gorge.

Built along a cliff overlooking the Cross-Island Highway, Lushui Trail somewhat resembles Zhuilu Old Trail, although at a much less dramatic height. The reason for the similarity is because both trails were part of the Old Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road during the Japanese colonial era.

For camping lovers, you will be delighted to find that the only campsite in the Taroko area is located here: Heliu Campsite. Whether an avid stargazer, someone who enjoys mountain retreats, or a family looking for a grand memory to share, spending a night here is sure to impress.


    1. Be cautious of falling rocks when walking on the trail. Park authorities provide hard hats for visitors free of charge.
    2. Camping at Heliu Campsite costs 200TWD/tent. The campsite has toilets and a shower room with cold water. There are no vendors or stores nearby, therefore you need to prepare a meal in advance or buy one from Tianxiang or other sites.
    3. Please check the Daily Trail Condition and Daily Road Condition from Taroko National Park website before visiting Taroko. Refer to "Lushui Trail".

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