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The Baiyang Trail (白楊步道) features valleys, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, tunnels, and a huge range of flora and fauna along the way. At first glance, Baiyang may appear to be a mini version of the main gorge above Liwu River, but surprises await for the adventuresome. The two-step Baiyang Waterfall (白楊瀑布) and Water Curtain (水濂洞) are the must-see spots while hiking this trail.

On the way to the Baiyang Waterfall, there are several tunnels you need to pass through. A flashlight is needed, otherwise you may find the pitch-black tunnels a bit too spooky and disorientating.

Beyond the tunnels, the spectacular Baiyang Waterfall comes into view with its two-step drop from a 200 meter high cliff. Nearby is an observation deck reached by bridge where you can fully enjoy the majesty of the falls. Suspension bridges abound in the Taroko region, and although those of you with a fear of heights may be hesitant, they are perfectly safe to cross.

Shortly after the falls, continuing another 300 meters further you will reach the Water Curtain, which is created by spring water falling from the tunnel roof. If you would like to experience a natural shower, be sure to bring a raincoat with you! Normally, it takes two to three hours to complete the round-trip hike of the Baiyang Trail.


    1. Water, snack, flashlight, and raincoat should be prepared for the 2 hour hike.
    2. Be cautious of falling rocks when walking on the trail. Park authorities provide hard hats for visitors free of charge.
    3. Please check the Daily Trail Condition and Daily Trail Condition from Taroko National Park website before visiting Taroko. Refer to "Baiyang Trail".

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