Taroko Gorge

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Taroko Gorge is famous for its natural marble landscape. Be it a bicycle-riding through Tunnel of Nine Turn, an overlook from Lushui Trail, or paddling a canoe on the Pacific Ocean looking up the Qingshui Cliff, you can feel the extraordinary workmanship of nature. Wear a helmet and step on the road built by ancestors with bare hands, you can have a close-up look on Swallow Grotto. Pass through the Water Curtain with a raincoat, you can walk toward the waterfall on Baiyang Trail. Or, put on swimming trunks and jump into the Wenshan Hot Spring to enjoy the pleasure brought by the open-air spring. If you have enough strength as well as a brave heart, why not hit Zhuilu Old Trail built along the cliff? You'll have a panoramic view of the breathtaking gorge on the top of the mountain.