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    Tue-Sun 08:00-17:00

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    TWD 50

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    Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County 336, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

On the journey along Provincial Highway No.7 (台7線), besides well-known Lalashan (拉拉山) and Cihu (慈湖), Xiaowulai is also an attraction that should never be missed. “Wulai” is a term originated from Tayal (泰雅), an indigenous language in Taiwan, and literally means “warm spring water”. In comparison with the Wulai (烏來), which is another residence area of Tayal in New Taipei City (新北市), the shopping street here is much smaller in scale and visitors could not travel around with gondola. However, it means visitors could be more close to nature as the place is less artificial. The waterfall is divided into three vertical layers, while the middle layer with height of 50 meters is the most magnificent. The walkway has become one of the most attractive spots in Taoyuan since it was opened to public in 2011. The skywalk is right above Xiaowulai Waterfall and constructed with transparent tempered glasses. When visitors stand on this walkway which is reaching out 11 meters, they could have an overlook from above to admire both upper and middle layer of the waterfall at once. Besides, there are trails worthy for an hour exploration. The first one you should stop by is Longfeng Waterfall (龍鳳瀑布), which is in height of 13 meters. The path continues downward to reach the bottom by walking 30 minutes on steep stairs. Such part of the journey might not suit everyone, but once capable to reach bottom and cross the red bridge, the majestic beauty of Xiaowulai Waterfall in zero distance is a totally deserving reward.


    Online reservation for Skywalk ticket is highly recommended. The official website accepts it in 2 to 30 days before the visit. Otherwise, visitors need to get tickets at Xiaowulai Shiban Plaza (石板廣場) on the day visit. Each shift consists of 25 people, plus remaining quota of online reservation. http://skywalk.tycg.gov.tw/Skywalk/