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    No.200, Sec. 3, Chenggong Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In Taiwan, there are Martyrs’ Shrines all over the island. Those shrines in cities were built after Republic (民國)government arriving Taiwan. Most of them become options of sightseers and locals for leisure. For instance, guard mounting in Taipei Martyrs’ Shrine (also called National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine) attracts vast amount of foreign tourists; The one in Kaohsiung City becomes a hot spot for couples at night, as people could have a overlook upon the whole city from its location.

However, Marytrs’ Shrine in minor cities commonly made use of existed temples or shinto shrines as a memorial of soldiers sacrificed on field. Few would come to Taoyuan Martyrs’ Shrine, so its undisturbed environment and Japanese architecture makes it a nice place for photographing. As the next stop of your tour, Tiger Mountain Park (虎頭山公園) would be a suitable place for not being far away.