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For many tourists who come to Taiwan, experiencing the country’s beautiful flowers is high on the to-do list. In the case of lavender, some people will think of the hidden-away mountain Lavender Cottage. For cherry, it would have to be Alishan, Sun Moon Lake and Wulai; and for giant taro, Yangmingshan Bamboo Lake. But when it comes to sunflowers, Sun Green farm is definitely the place to go.

In recent years, sunflowers, as a natural fertiliser, have been the candidate plant for fallow land. Given its beauty, the flower also has the benefit of boosting tourism, and its unique shape and happy image have meant that people love to come and gaze upon it. Sun Green, located in Guanyin (觀音鄉), Taoyuan, is big and easily accessible. The founder Huang Yong-lin (黃永林), who graduated from the Department of Plant Industry, at Pingtung University of Science and Technology, is very passionate about sunflowers and has dedicated himself to making this land into an extensive flower farm where families can relax and have fun.

There are more than eleven breeds of sunflowers on display at Sun Green Farm, so almost any time of the year is suitable for appreciating the flowers. Other flowers, such as lavender, Easter lily, Siberian larkspur and snapdragon are also seen in different seasons. However, between May and October is definitely the prime time to visit here. If you get tired of strolling around and taking pictures here, you can try the special meals cooked with derivative products of sunflowers. Vegetarian meals or a European-style buffet are also provided. Or you can relax with a sunflower tea, and eat the sunflower flavor sausage invented by the owner of the farm.

Sun Green Farm is highly recommended for parents coming with children. In addition to picking sunflowers, there is a playground and an animal feeding show (sheep and green-headed ducks). Kids can also have the opportunity to plant flowers by themselves, making it a wonderful combination of education and entertainment. Do you know why sunflowers always head towards the sun? Do you know that sunflower is the reincarnation of “love” in ancient Greet mythology? Do you know sunflowers used to be the national flower of the Inca Empire in Peru? Come along to Sun Green Farm and bring all these secrets back home with you.