• Opening Hours

    Sat-Sun 07:45-18:00

    Tue-Fri 07:45-17:00

  • Price

    TWD 200

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  • Address

    Ln. 490, Sec. 2, Jieshou Rd., Bade City, Taoyuan County 334, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

If you are born after 1970s in Taiwan, ‘77 nougat’ is the treat you always want to have when you are little. And for now, we have the chance of visiting the chocolate factory that creates the memories for us. Except for knowing the manufacturing process of chocolate, you can also have fun on making your chocolate.

As you walk in, you can learn about all kinds of tools and ingredients for making chocolate, as well as where all kinds of chocolate are made around the world. Do you know the country that grows 40% of the coco beans in the world? Do you know people from which country consumes 12.4 kilos of chocolate per year? There is also a funny video they made with several foreigners. You can take a look if you have time.
The best part is the golf cart factory tour. Please ask in advanced for the time when you are getting the ticket. The tour shows you the manufacturing process at the moment. You can also book for the DIY activities. If you just want to taste chocolate, you can go to the fancy restaurant on the first flour. You get to pick all kinds of chocolate delicacies, like chocolate and banana ice, chocolate with wine sugar, and chocolate waffles. Just be careful not to have too much of them!