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This unique stone church is located between Taoyuan and New Taipei City. It was originally built by Huang Rongquan, a priest of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. He preached in this Taiya village, a very dominant aboriginal tribe in this region at that time. After some time, he gathered a group of Taiya people and built this church in 1964. At the time it was built, Mr. Huang followed the spirit of Jesus to get the resource from the local area and he collected stones from a bat cave nearby. When you walked in, you will see the roof supported by woods. On the other hand, you can find a round door at the entrance in Chinese style. The church was damaged and the roof was collapsed for a while. With the help of Taiya people, it was rebuilt after the millennium. Although a newer concrete church was built not far from the current location, many people still come here to experience the trace of history when Christianity started to prevail in the mountains of Taiwan. It is also a place worth a while of driving time if you are going to Lala Mountain and Xiaowulai.