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There are many old street areas in Taiwan, like Jiufen, Sanxia, Lukang, and Anping. However, Daxin Old Street attracts tourist with her unique charm mixing old and modern looks. This is probably because the location close to the international airport. When you walk on the old street, you can see the old buildings preserved by the government with people living inside. On the other hand, you can also discover the modern neon lights for attracting tourist set by the stores.

In early 19th century, the Lin family came here to establish their business. They came here to utilize the shipment advantage provided by Dahan river and develop the area from agriculture zone to business zone. In early 20th century, Japanese renovated the street. The famous architects, Chen brothers, designed the looks of buildings with art sculptures you often see in temples. This style became a very popular scene among buildings at that time. The rich families at that time even adopt the delicate Baroque design on stone columns to be distinguished from others.

Daxi Old Street starts from Zhongshan road to Heping road. Except for appreciating the interesting street views, we can also visit another Chiang Kaishek memorial hall here, Daxi Wude Temple, and Furen Temple. At the end of the day, you can also go to Daxi bridge. The beautiful sunset against the delicate bridge is the view worth the wait. Since we are on old streets, never should we miss the delicacies here. Daxi is famous for sweet and salty dried tofu by ‘Old Uncle’(老阿伯豆乾), sweet and square taro balls by ‘Auntie Lai’ (賴媽媽豆花), and ice cream in peanut rolls. These foods are something we have every time we have the chance to come.