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    No.26, Ln. 135, Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taiwan’s aboriginal people are renowned for having beautiful singing voices, so it used to be with disappointment that visitors to Taitung left without an opportunity to listen. But Tiehua Music Village has changed everything. Situated on the east coast of Taiwan, the recent redevelopment of the vilalge has given energy to the music and entertainment scene in eastern Taiwan, providing a platform for traditional indigenous music. Occasionally also featuring local and regional acts from all over Asia, locals and foreigners gather here early in the afternoon from Thursday to Sunday to settle in for an evening of entertainment. Among the acts to have performed here are Chang Chen-yue (張震嶽), Maggie Chiang (江美琪) and the Aboriginal singer Samingad (紀曉君).

During the day, the area is suitable for strolling around. Visitors can enjoy a carnival-like atmosphere, especially at Tiehua Market, where you can buy organic vegetables, handmade soap and local handicrafts between 2pm-10pm from Tuesday to Sunday. After dark, a colourful street of lanterns lights your way for an after-dinner stroll around the market. But when you hear the sound of the ringing of a bell, accompanied by the shout “class begins!” you might like to find a place, indoors or outdoors, to settle down for the commencement of a romantic evening. As you relax to the beautiful live music before you, maybe with a bottle of the local speciality millet wine (known as xiaomijiu, 小米酒) in your hand, you somehow get the sense that you’re hearing the real voice of Taiwan.