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    No.1, Longsheng Rd., Guanshan Township, Taitung County 956, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The environment in East Rift Valley is without a doubt the best in Taiwan. A place with endless green, nice weather, and lesser traffic is the heaven for bicycling, and this is the reason why the local government built a cycling path here. The 15.2 kilometers long Guanshan Cycling Path goes near the mountains and rivers. There are endless farms with seasonal views changing between green and gold all year round. With the smooth climb of the path, it is getting cooler heading towards the mountain. The highest point stands a pavilion, which provides a great view of the town for your recess. Farms and irrigation channels paint the valley like an Impressionist artist. The relaxing view truly worth the wait and climb. After the pavilion, it’s the happiest part going down. Pedal faster to enjoy the windblast! The circle route brings you where you started, so don’t worry about the transportation. This activity is nation wide famous, so there are tons of bikes riding along on weekends. There are several bicycle renting stores also. There are several strawberry farms, vanilla garden, and bamboo culture stores and other exciting activities on the route, making it a truly splendid ride for one whole day! Enjoy!