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    Shanyuan, Beinan Township, Taitung County 954, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Fushan Shanyuan Fish Recovery Area is a great place for eco tour of marine life at intertidal zone. Here, no marine life can be caught, therefore you can see lots of sea fish, crab and coral. Visitors can take off their shoes and soak into the sea water, observing them in very close range.

Another eccentric and controversial spots nearby is a big hotel called "Beauty Bay Resort". Originally, one of the very few sandy beach "Shanyuan" is the paradise for local aboriginal people. However, huge corporations in some way monopolize the ownership of the beach, building a resort wihout the consent of local people. The angry Dulan tribe people collaborate together to protest for the construction, cause the opening days delay for more than eight years. For local people, it is regarded as a victory. However, what the final result will be is still remain unclear.


    1. It is slippery while walking on the coral reef, please watch our every steps you take.
    2. Please do not destroy the ecology while observing them.