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    No.8-1, Long, Duoliang Vil., Taimali Township, Taitung County 963, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

With convenience, reliability, comfort, cost and the passing scenery winning over many budget-conscious travelers, train travel is booming in Taiwan. Among so many train stations out there, the most beautiful one is said to be situated in Taimali Township, Taitung.

Overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Pacific Ocean, Duoliang Station have officially ceased its railway services in 2006 due to low patronage and currently serves as a tourist spot for both local and international visitors. The viewing platform offers a stunning panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding lush greenery. You might see many people standing on the platform, who seem to be waiting for something. Yes, they are waiting for the train that passes by every hour. Photography enthusiasts would love to see a train running along the coast of Pacific Ocean. What a composition!

Instead of waiting for the train under the scorching sun (nothing is going to happen during the hour, anyway), you might want to sneak into Duoliang Elementary School, which was abandoned for years and is now being operated by a driftwood workshop. Artwork dedicated to the aboriginal culture and made from driftwood can be seen all over the place. Or you can choose to grab a cup of coffee from the café and head directly to the viewing platform in front of the school, admiring the breathtaking ocean view without being disturbed by other visitors.