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    Dulan, Donghe Township, Taitung County 959, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located about 20km north of Taitung, Dulan is the kind of place to get away to. Or so it would seem judging by the number of foreign English teachers who have escaped to Dulan from the busy city of Taipei. Its exotic atmosphere comes from the fact that it is a cultural fusion of indigenous people, Taiwanese and foreigners. Behind the town, Dulan Mountain is called “Holy Mountain” (聖山) by local aboriginals. Dulan is special because it still retains indigenous culture. During the 1980s, many aboriginal people moved to Taipei looking for employment. However, the allure of Dulan brought many of them right back, deciding to live a life of tradition, fishing, farming and playing music instead. Indeed, the fact that traditional indigenous culture has been so well preserved here makes it a great choice for anyone wanting to learn about Taiwan’s Aboriginal Amis or Taibalang tribes.

Anyone who loves surfing is naturally drawn to Dulan, as are those who work in the business of creativity; many music producers and wood sculptors live happily here. Every Saturday night, The Sugar Factory (都蘭糖廠咖啡屋), now a bar, music studio and gallery, hosts local live music where alcohol flows. If you’re still curious about what makes this place so special, maybe you could ask the ex-English teacher pizza shop owner, who himself escaped Taipei to live in this little paradise. Or maybe the reason will be clear enough once you see the beautiful, almost abandoned coast-line of secret little Dulan for yourself.