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    Dawu St., Dawu Township, Taitung County 965, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The severe flooding caused by Typhoon Morakot had damaged the Fushan Tribe seriously that it could not be restored at its original place. Residents in the tribe are forced to move to the permanently prefabs on Dawu Street. In addition to the wood carvings made by driftwood and planks, the totems and paintings on walls create a seashore village that seems to be directly transplanted from the mountains. What makes the village more special is the wooden doorplate written in the tribe's language, decorating the small village with a strong indigenous style. The village was then sponsored by a brand name paint. More than twenty households joined a project to revive the village, in which they brushed their houses with bright paints. The simple lines and patterns light up the once unknown village, giving passing tourists a reason to stop and take a break.