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  • Hualien

Every summer vacation, the International Balloon Festival attracts hundreds of thousands Highland. They line up waiting from the dawn till the dusk, merely hoping to fly on the sky to appreciate the fantastic valley and the coast. Another hot spot is the sea of orange daylily at Taimali. Still another is Brown Avenue. The large plot of paddy field not only wins popularity for the avenue but also cultivates the high-quality rice in Chishang Bento. In Tiehua Music Village, have some liquor and listen to music performances of aboriginal singers. Rent a bike riding in the shade, cycling the small lake in Taitung Forest Park and enjoying a brisk breeze. Pay a visit to the National Museum of Prehistory to understand the life before characters were invented. At last, take a photo in front of Taiwan's most beautiful Duoliang Station before moving on to the next destination.