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    No.16, Jinzhou St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

A restaurant for Yunnan cuisine can be found from Nantou's Cingjing to downtown Taipei. A province in China, Yunnan features jiaomaji (pepper spicy chicken, 椒麻雞) and dapaozhu (stir-fried chilli pork, 打拋豬) similar to those in Thai cuisine. But if you want to savor the authentic flavor from dishes prepared by Yunnan chefs, you should come to Zen Ho Uang Yunnan Restaurant near the performance venue Taipei Eye. Although the decor is old-fashioned, and the staff are not young, they introduce the dishes enthusiastically to help first-comers grasp some clues about what should order: suancai roumo jia huazhi (Chinese sauerkraut with minced meat and squid, 酸菜肉末加花枝) goes perfectly well with rice; ganbian xianggu (dry-fried shiitake, 干煸香菇) has shredded mushroom fried with chili peppers; youlin ganba (dried beef with oil, 油淋干巴) features dried beef and pepper; fragrant jiangdou niang baihua (cowpeas with colorful stuffing, 豇豆釀百花) tastes soft and crispy; huzhangjun chaofan (shingled hedgehog mushroom with fried rice, 虎掌菌炒飯) does not look special yet tastes great; rushan (乳扇) is a one of the few dairy snacks in China. Every dish has a pleasant taste that hasn't been tried before. But the most recommended dish is niuganjun roupian (porcini with sliced pork jowl, 牛肝菌肉片). Take a slice of pork jowl and complement it with some unknown spices—the wonderful flavor is a memory that never fades. Because the restaurant is around Linsen North Rd., lots of Japanese visitors drop by for a meal. Therefore, guests can find Japanese translation on the menu. Along with photos of the dishes, ordering a meal is unlikely to be difficult.


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