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Among all the temples in Taipei City, Xing Tian Temple (行天宮) is undoubtedly one of the most popular one. Generally speaking, Xing Tian Temple is categorized as a Taoist temple even though Buddhism and Confucianism culture more or less can be observed here. It is dedicated to Guan Yu (關羽), a well-known red-face general in the famous China Three Kingdoms Period (184~280). Because of his image of righteousness and loyalty, he was deified and worshipped as the god of war or martial god. Sometimes people also call him Guan Gong or En Zhu Gong. It’s the reason why Xing Tian Temple is also called En Zhu Gong Temple. It is also the representative of all the temples of the martial god in Taipei City.

Xing Tian Temple has the other two branches in Beitou and Sanxia. The Beitou branch is the oldest among this three temples and the branch in Sanxia is called Xing Xiu Temple (行修宮). Xing Tian Temple itself is the youngest one and was constructed in 1967. However, it has become the most visited one due to its convenient location next to MRT Xing Tian Temple Station in Taipei City.

Plenty of temple officials in royal-blue robes can be seen everywhere in Xing Tian Temple. They are in charge of offering free service for rituals to eliminate disasters or pray for safety and good fortune. Try to give a close look at these ceremonies. You will realize how the folk belief affects local people. Besides, fortune telling is another popular activity here as well. There is a Fortunetelling Street, which is full of fortune telling stands located in an underpass avenue close to Xing Tian Temple itself. Before saying whether you believe it or not, why not give it a try to experience how Chinese people seek solutions in a traditional religious way?


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