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Xinyi District is not just the high-end district in Taipei with World Trade Center, Taipei 101, and City Hall. It also has the most popular and famous clothing wholesale area, Wufenpu, in Taiwan. The history of Wufenpu can date back to the beginning of Qing Dynasty, which is as early as 1650s. The name, Wufen, means the village at that time was created by five big families with different surnames, He, Chou, Shen, Du, and, Li. They made clothes and export them overseas and collected the unused cloth to make cheaper but not exactly low quality clothing for sale. For instance, they made children's clothing or attached scrapped but beautiful cloth on ordinary clothes to make them better. Soon, it was famous around the island and there are a lot of clothing wholesalers coming from all corners of Taiwan to buy clothes here. This business module passes on with little changes until today. So get ready for shopping. The price is as cheap as TWD100 to 1000 generally, and the goods cover from clothing to shoes and accessories from Korea, Japan, Europe, America, Hong Kong, and here in Taiwan. Wufenpu even attracts some stars in Taiwan to shop here so if you're familiar with entertainers in Taiwan, you might see them on the street!


    1. Wufenpu is at the first exit of the Houshanpi MRT station.
    2. The shops usually start their business from 10 o'clock am to 12 pm. It usually is closed as late as 2 am on Saturdays and at earlier time at 9 pm on Sundays. It is not recommended to go on Mondays for most shops are dealing with wholesale business and might not be free for tourists.
    3. If you're hungry after shopping, you could go to Raohe Night Market nearby.

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