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In Taipei City, there are four famous hills to overlook the sunset, admire the Taipei 101, and go hiking in the holidays. Together dubbed as the Four Beast Hills, Elephant Mountain, Tiger Mountain, Lion Mountain, and Leopard Mountain all belong to Nangang Mountain. Among the four mountains, Elephant Mountain stands nearest to Taipei 101 and therefore is the most popular among photographers and foreign visitors, yet that explains why it's full of travelers. Compared to Elephant Mountain, which requires 40 minutes to reach a better lookout, a trip to Tiger Mountain is relatively less demanding. A hike to Tiger Mountain takes less than half an hour. In addition, visitors can find parking spaces at Cihui Temple, which is quite convenient to people who drive. At the entrance of the trail, sometimes there are vendors selling beverages and groceries. During the hike, you can see qigong masters massaging passing travelers under a canopy. Stairs on the route are in proper maintenance, so you won't feel particularly tired while hiking slowly. After reaching the peak at an altitude of less than 140 meters, you can observe the tall buildings standing in the Xinyi District. If the weather is nice, you can also see the distant Linkou Plateau.


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