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If you do not live in Neihu or Dazhi, it's unlikely that you have known or visited Taipei Koxinga Temple. Perhaps many tourists have ever gone through Ziqiang Tunnel beneath the temple—a passage links the National Palace Museum and Miramar Entertainment Park—without noticing the perfect place for sunset and night scenes in the city. The temple’s architecture features special roofs in both the front hall and the main hall, which take on the shape of Koxinga's official headwear. Inside the main hall sits a two-story-high bronze statue of Koxinga, while at the entrance lies a cannon facing the downtown Taipei. Yet there are some other tales about the temple. It is rumored that the construction for the temple stopped midway for unknown reasons in the 1970s. God statues did not go through the eye-opening ceremony, and thus the deities did not come to stay in the temple. That's why wandering ghosts gather around here easily. Later, an unidentified body was discovered, and people using the toilet in the unfinished basement encountered some supernatural events, which makes the temple categorized as a Yin Temple—a temple worships lonely spirits. It is suggested by the locals that people should not visit the temple alone in the evening.


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