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    Ln. 307, Sec. 2, Zhonghua Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In Taipei, popular night markets are usually for sightseeing, but not an ideal place to enjoy a meal as the food are mostly disappointing and in unreasonable price. For those who are looking for some unfeigned delicious street foods, they might want to pay a visit to South Airport Night Market in Wanhua District. Visitors would find the atmosphere of middle and south Taiwan here without taking a single step out from Taipei downtown - stall’s owners here are still capable to communicate in Min Nanm (閩南語). Nevertheless, not only foreigners, but also a considerable portion of locals do not even know the place. Though this recommended night market takes a distance away from a MRT station, it is absolutely worth for people had visited Taiwan for several times and nearby residents to make a visit. It is notable that although the term ‘airport’ is included in its name, this place is neither located in Songshan District nor neighboring an airport, as it simply adapted the century-old name. During Japanese-ruling period, Japanese army set up its military airport here. Later on, after Nationalist Government retreated to Taiwan, the area was rebuilt into military dependents’ village and public housing. Because of the huge number of population moving and residing nearby, little by little, it slowly develops into a place currently known as ‘South Airport Night Market’.

It is probably one of the smallest night markets you could ever see in Taipei, but what you find at every corner inside is finger-licking delicacies. For example, Shannei Chicken (山內雞肉) at the entrance serves chicken on ice with its unique saucing; Anan Sesame Oil Chicken (阿男麻油雞) is always long-queued in winter; regard of their high price, Stinky Tofu Boss (臭老闆現蒸臭豆腐) serves a real-smelly (which is indicator of a “good” stinky tofu) and good one in soup; dumpling shops from military dependents’ village attracts gourmet afar to here for its fame; papaya milk is everyone’s favorite drink during hot summer. Either for people used to eat while walking or have no idea how to chew without a seat, they could always find a stall they see fit to enjoy.

The night market is surrounded by old public housing, providing a living landscape of overcrowding living environment in past Taipei. Raising your head, worn iron windows and balconies full of hanged clothes would enter the sight; walking in the alley connecting streets, the space flooded with parked scooters, mailboxes and spiral staircases you are in is a favored scene for directors and photographers.


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