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Art transforms through time. People with different opinions give art the fuel to evolve and expand. Something old is never old again with the view of an artist. The building of MOCA Taipei was build in 1921, it used to be a school that only Japanese students can go to. After KMT government came here, it was used as the Taipei City Hall. In 1994, the city hall moved to the new place and handed the building to Taipei Art Museum. It is an official historical site now. However, under the name of contemporary art, the exhibitions are often novice and avant-garde ones. The blend of contemporary art and the old European look becomes a charming landmark in Taipei. This museum is important for novice artists in Taiwan. They hold a lot of exhibitions to present their ideas and passion. The medias are bountiful like photography, sculptures, paintings and installation art. In contemporary art, technology is always a media. You can see lots of art project being presented by innovative technology like projectors, radio waves, and other electronic devices. Art is the area where Taiwanese are good at around the world. We are bombarded by so many cultures on this island. And we sincerely invite you to join this party of tradition, art, and technology.


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