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    No.1, Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

When it comes to xiaolongbao, we are hard to raise other example but Din Tai Fung, which was opened since 1958 at Yongkang Street (永康街). Thanks to its overwhelming fame, its branches in Taipei or even whole Taiwan require waiting over an hour to be seated. Therefore, Kao Chi, which was opened at the same street but a decade later, becomes an alternative for many people.

Both Kao chi and Din Tai Fung are famous for their xiaolongbao, and they also serve similar dishes such as noodles, beef soups and several types of Cantonese dim sums. Nevertheless, Kao Chi has a few delicacies exclusively available in their restaurant and the most popular salivating specialty is Shanghai tieguo shengjianbao (上海鐵鍋生煎包, Shanghai pot-fried meat bun). Its dim sums, no matter xiaren fengchang (蝦仁粉腸, pig’s intestine stuffed with shrimp), naihuangbao (奶皇包, steamed bun filled with sweet cream), chashaosu (叉燒酥, barbecued pork puff), qiancengao (千層糕, layer cake), etc. are all excellent. The taste of xiaolongbao could rivals the one serving in Din Tai Fung, as they are both reaching the standard of ‘rich-flavored soup in a thin layer (皮薄湯鮮)’. When taking waiting time into account, we would be more likely recommending Kao Chi - after all, less queuing, more exploring Taipei, right?


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