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    No.42, Ln. 321, Yangguang St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Neihu is the center of Taiwan IT companies and foreign corporations’ branches. Although it is smaller than Silicon Valley in America, IT workers here are also more prefer a free working environment. Among the area, cafes spreads over nearly every street corner, providing managers and salesmen convenient choice for discussion just outside office. Currently, Journey Kaffe has two branches in Neihu Technology Park. Apart from large spacing, its interior design meets the need of mobile workers as well. For instance, power sockets could be found next to almost every seat; tables besides wall are lighted up with independent desk lamps; extensive case-less window maximize natural light entry, energizing customers here throughout their afternoon. A wide variety of drinks is available, including fruit slush, milkshake, hot or icy coffee, fruit tea, mineral water and even white wine. Energy boosters like desserts and spaghetti are delightful. The most appealing feature of this cafe is that customers can DIY their own pizza by determining the topping and rolling out the dough. It is all up to customers to decide either a pizza full of tomato or absence of mushroom as their coming meal. After tasting freshly-baked pizza, they are able to throw themselves back into their project. Except mobile workers, mothers with children often seen here DIY-ing their own meal in the place, but selfie-fanatic young ladies and art enthusiasts enjoying tea time are still the mainstream of visitors.


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