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    Between Renai Road and Xinyi Road, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Because every square meter of space is precious in Taipei, even the underside of elevated roads are exploited for use. In many cases, they are parking lots, car washes, or utility yards for waste disposal vehicles. In Yonghe District, a sports park has found a home under Fuhe Bridge. But only Jianguo elevated expressway is home to a massive flower and jade market (建國假日花市玉市). The holiday part of the name refers to this market only being open on weekends, and what better time to go, than on the days Taipei'ers are free to unwind from work? Half the fun here is people watching and learning how locals shop in traditional marketplaces.

Enthusiastic home gardeners and local businesses from around Taipei descend on this weekend market to snatch up their supplies or to shop for plants to decorate their houses. Some truly exotic flowering plants are to be found, and you're sure to find at least a few whose shape and color will surprise. For those searching for fresh, potted western herbs, this is the best place in Taiwan to find them. Traditions also run strong here, as approaching holidays and their associated celebratory commodities are always in great supply, such as decorated Mandarin orange trees around Chinese New Year. Even orchids and bonsai trees make an abundant showing. The best part is the irresistibly low prices.

After making your way through the whole of the flower market, cross Renai Road to enter the jade market. Foreigners visiting Taiwan often ask us, “Where's the jade jewelry and artwork we've always heard about?” Well, we're pleased to say that for anyone thinking about buying jade while in Taiwan, Jianguo Holiday Market offers an opportunity like none other. The jade trade at Jianguo is serious business, with buyers and sellers scrutinizing every detail of these exquisite pieces. Those searching for a traditional Taiwanese keepsake, a few vendors also specialize in crafting customized Chinese character name stamps from solid pieces of jade and other precious stones.


  • A similar, but much smaller flower market can be found under the elevated Provincial Highway 64 near MRT Xinpu Station.

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