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It is a military dependents’ village located opposite to Taipei 101 in Xinyi District. Due to urban development, only a portion of the village is conserved for usage of cultural and creative industry and exhibition. Besides Military Dependents’ Village Museum, visitors mostly come for Good Cho’s (好丘), a cafe featuring in its remained interior style of the village. No matter square table, cane chair, wooden cabinet or dinnerware used throughout many Taiwanese childhood, entering this place seems to bring us back to grandpa’s narrow but cozy home. Good Cho’s not only offers coffees and light meals, but also sells interesting local products, for instance, designer’s postcards, trendy t-shirts, tea, jams and indie music. It is an ideal option for sale representatives attending Taipei World Trade Center exhibition and office workers from Taipei 101 to catch some breath. In addition, it is an appealing stop-by for some rest and tea between watching sunset on Elephant Mountain and returning to downtown.

It has become more difficult to find a military dependents' village in Taipei City. The height of Taipei 101 is further contrasted by the village’s short buildings and draws many newlyweds and advertising companies here for photo-shooting. From 2014, the government has started a new restoration plan. It is still unknown if any change would be brought to the place.


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