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The top of the Xiangshan Hiking Trail is without a doubt the best location to watch Taipei’s sunset and Taipei 101, basically the entire city. Although the trail is a lot of stairs and takes at least an hour to make a round trip, with several different lookouts and pavilions on the way, visitors get to decide their own route based on their physical status and photographic angles. Up until five years ago, this trail was still a secret route, now it has become the well-known trail for climbing and taking photos. Since a lot of amateur photographers love to come here to shoot sunset, if you wish to take photos at a good angle on a beautiful weather, you will have to be the early bird. Otherwise you will have no spot to set your tripod, and will have to shoot by hand-hold. When no space for a tripod on a regular day is a definite thing, you can only imagine how this trail will look like when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Every year up till now, Taipei 101 is scheduled to release beautiful themed fireworks. Since there are not that many nice shooting spots along the trail, only around 40-50 tripods can be settled, that is why some people come 24 hours ahead just to take a spot for shooting the fireworks. On the other hand, if you wish to come here to enjoy the entire city view and a clear sight of the Taipei 101, the best timing is actually before noon instead of at dusk.


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