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    No.18, Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Many Japanese tourists love to stroll on Yongkang Street. On the street, you see Din Tai Fung, where customers have to queue for long hours before eating; Kao Chi, whose dumpling is so luscious that the soup in it spills out every time, and last but least, the tremendously famous mango ice. When you are wandering around causally preparing to choose from these options, a conspicuous store abruptly appears beside the street. Looking up, you see an old five-story apartment in bright colors stand in front of you. Stepping back to look into the store through the glass, you discover it's a cafe with unique decor.

Massive windows and transparent ceiling give seats by the door sufficient sunlight. Brown brick walls, crystal chandeliers, and bright-colored sofa make you doubt if you are strolling on a European street. But when you walk inside, you find the lighting is kept dim deliberately, so friends and family can stay more focused on each other when dining here. In addition to the worth-mentioning decor, the brunch and hamburgers come in such a generous portion that quite a few customers cannot finish it in one hour and a half—the time limit of the table. Tasty French toast, unique popcorn shrimps, omelets cooked to just perfection, and the juicy hamburgers whose gravy spills over once you bite it—all these specialties make the cafe founded a few years ago enjoy a long-lasting popularity even to today. Without making a reservation in advance, it's hard to have a meal at Eating Time during the holidays.


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