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    No.84, Bao’an St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The Boan 84 Cafe is remodeled from a traditional Chinese medicine clinic. The structure remains the style of ‘old’ Taipei. From antiquated sign hanged on the outer wall, western-styled columns connecting second and third floors and stone sculptures on the top floor, we could tell the wealth of previous owner. In the view of modern design, the wooden stair inside is a bit too steep as a single-flight staircase, but it is indeed a necessary alternative at the time to overcome problems of high-priced building material and inadequate architectural technique. Ascending to the second floor along the stair, artists often hold their exhibitions here; bunch of CDs and tube amplifiers are placed at the corner of the end. In case of looking for washroom, find ‘ER Room’ at the back of first floor - just try not to be freaked out by the bony doctor aside. Coffee made here is decided, apart from the wide selection of coffee bean, the way of brewing is also unquestionable. Either serving in hot or icy, customers would be undoubtedly satisfied for their cup of coffee. Perhaps the place is overly famous, even in calm weekday afternoons, you might still find guests from Mainland China or western world.


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