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Don’t know what to do at Taipei night? Knowing Bishan Temple makes you an expert among your friends coming along. Bishan Temple is in Neihu district in Taipei. The temple was developed since 1751. The legend has it that there were many gangsters and robbers at that time. In one night, when they were planning another robbery, the god, King of Zhang State, who was worshiped here, suddenly showed up and break the giant stone on the mountains and send the pieces down to cast all robbers away. He was worshipped to protect the immigrants from Zhang State in China. There are more and more people coming and the original small temple just couldn’t house that many people, so a much bigger one was built to be the one we see now. The last renovation was done in 1971, so we can still sense the atmosphere of the ancient temple. This temple is only a half an hour drive from downtown and there is virtually no walk to here, making a great location of night view walk. We suggest you to come here before the sunset. The hilly view of Taipei basin is hard to see even for many locals. Taipei 101 stands far away and with the coming of the night, the illuminated tower began to show its charm to light up the city. Some say this place is the best among all night view locations in Taipei.


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