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    No.300, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

This pizza house is about twenty years old and is situated in front of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, spot table by its signboard featuring old-school colors and an incorrectly spelt English name. Inside, there is a retro American chandelier, close-packed seating and a fading height meter on the wall, still not taken down even though the children have long grown up. In this western restaurant, you will also spot Buddhist altar fittings and bodhisattva statues. You couldn’t exactly call the decorations here ugly, but this is certainly a mix and match restaurant without any consistent style, which runs counter to what is fashionable in restaurants nowadays. Looking at the menu, you will find a big pizza costs roughly TWD600, and a smaller one about TWD400. Prices may be higher than ordinary chain stores, but the restaurant is always a full house with a long queue. The only possible explanation is that the food in this old restaurant is very good.

There are no more than ten flavors of pizza, but the classics of Hawaii, vegetarian and seafood are all there. You can also choose three different kinds of pizza crust. Besides the popular thin crust, which is much loved in Taiwan, they also have a home-style pan pizza, which we recommend. As for fillings, rather than spreading the surface of the pizza before it is baked, rich flavors are hidden under a thicker layer of cheese than normal, making the pizza more dense and tasting something like a quiche. Because the ingredients are very rich, a small plate can feed at least two people. Besides pizza, you definitely have to try the fired chicken if you go to Aunt Su’s Pizza House. The chicken’s golden, crispy skin and greasy tenderness means almost every customer is holding a chicken drumstick!

Because the restaurant is situated near an MRT station, there are endless flocks of people. They also provide an English menu so foreigners don’t have to worry about problems ordering food. The massive square of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall nearby is a favorite spot for viewing the Taipei 101 fireworks at New Year. Next year, before enjoying the beauty of the fireworks, don’t forget to come to Aunt Su’s Pizza House to fill up!


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