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    Ln. 180, Binjiang St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Before Fuxing N. Rd. Underpass was built, the little Lane 180 on Binjiang St. had been the only way to connect the both sides of Songshan Airport. Because the lane is close to a takeoff runway, you can see airplanes land here. The most exciting part is watching the airplanes touching down at low altitude. You can feel the gusting winds when airliners are taking off and the imminent pressure created by landing aircraft at close range. Some EVA Air flights bound for nearby Asian countries depart from Songshan Airport. Aircraft for these flights have Hello Kitty painted on them. Wherever they come out from a hangar, people holding their cell phones or long zoom cameras snap photos of them frantically. In addition, since pilot is a dream profession for many kids, every holiday lots of parents bring their kids here to watch the planes. However, because the lane is not much wide, it's advised to park your car on Binjiang St. or Minzu E. Rd. and walk here. Otherwise, the trip will go sour if you get a fine ticket from the police.


Airport Transfer: Taipei

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